BlueStreak Education’s Commitments to Privacy
This Privacy Policy explains how BlueStreak Education, Inc., (“BlueStreak”, “we”, “us” or
“our”) collects, uses, and protects certain personally identifiable information provided to
us or generated by us in connection with a student’s use of our BlueStreak Math
What definitions apply to the Privacy Policy?
BlueStreak Math Platform” means our digital learning platform for math fluency
known as BlueStreak Math.
“LEA" means the local education agency that contracts with us for use of and access
rights to the BlueStreak Math Platform.
“Student Data" means personally identifiable information or material or information that
is linked to personally identifiable information or material in any media or format that is
not publicly available and is: (1) created by or provided to us by a student or the
student's parent/legal guardian in the course of the student's, parent's, or legal
guardian's authorized use of the BlueStreak Math Platform; (2) created by or provided to
us by an employee or agent of a school or school district for school purposes; or (3)
gathered by us through the operation of the BlueStreak Math Platform for school
purposes and personally identifies a student, including, but not limited to, information in
the student's educational record or electronic mail, first and last name, home address,
telephone number, electronic mail address, or other information that allows physical or
online contact, discipline records, test results, special education data, juvenile
dependency records, grades, evaluations, criminal records, medical records, health
records, a social security number, biometric information, disabilities, socioeconomic
information, food purchases, political affiliations, religious information, text messages,
documents, student identifiers, search activity, photos, voice recordings, or geolocation
What services does BlueStreak Math Platform provide?
The BlueStreak Math Platform provides digital and print solutions for numeracy and
fluency that sets the foundation for students in elementary or secondary education to
achieve higher level mathematics.
What Student Data does BlueStreak Education, Inc. collect
and what is it used for?
Generally, we use Student Data to provide educational services via the BlueStreak
Math Platform to children enrolled in a local school under the purview of an LEA. We
will also respond to requests for information and to questions from users, LEA’s and
possible customers.
We do not collect Student Data except when the information is given to us on a
voluntary basis (for example, requesting information by contacting us; signing up for a
BlueStreak in-person event; or setting up and using an account for the BlueStreak Math
We do NOT collect a student’s home address, telephone number, electronic mail
address, or other information that allows physical or online contact, nor do we collect
information in the student's educational record or discipline records, special education
data, juvenile dependency records, grades, criminal records, medical records, health
records, social security numbers, biometric information, disabilities, socioeconomic
information, food purchases, political affiliations, religious information, text messages,
documents, search activity, photos, voice recordings, or geolocation information. We
also do NOT collect IP addresses of users or use cookies or engage in targeted
advertising based on information obtained or inferred from a user’s usage of the
BlueStreak Math Platform. As the BlueStreak Math Platform does not allow for online
communication, we also do NOT have access to or collect any student generated
The limited Student Data we may collect and how we use it is provided below:
Category of Data
Application Use Statistics
Meta data on user interaction
with the application
Track performance on BlueStreak Math for bug fixes.
Student School Enrollment
Assigns students to a school.
Student Grade Level
Assigns students to a grade level
Assigns students to a homeroom/course
Parent/Guardian Contact
Parent Email
Optional field used to send Parent Letters.
Teacher names
Assigns a student to a teacher
Special Indicator
Accelerated Learning, Before or After
School Program, MTSS Tier 1,2,3 or
Optional fields, used for data analytics
Student Identifiers
Student Name
May be used to login to BlueStreak Math.
Student In App
Program/ Application
We collect student in-game test scores, problem
mastery data, time spent and leaderboard data
(leaderboards do not reveal any Student Data,
except for First Name and Last Initial). Data is used
for analytics, rostering, student login or gameplay.
The total number of questions answered and
mastery level completion, for all users, across the
US, assists in evaluating performance within
BlueStreak Math Platform. Total number of
questions answered, active users and average
growth, for all users across the US, is used for
Additional data elements used, stored
or collected by our application
Problem answer attempt (which problem, right or
wrong, how long to answer), Sprint (Game/ Test /
Learning Round)
(Which problems in set, duration), single player game
multiplayer game scores and team info, level completion
crash reports (automatic) (game version, error
code, steps and position in game, stack trace),
problem progress (% of mastery for particular
problems), student store purchases (which store item)
Does BlueStreak Education share Student Data?
We may share Student Data with the LEA, parents or guardians of users or with third-
party providers and consultants which perform service for us and need access to
information as part of their work in a manner consistent with this policy. We do not
otherwise sell, rent, license or share Student Data, unless permitted or required by law
or court order.
How does BlueStreak Education treat information about
children under 13 years old?
The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) protects the privacy of children
under the age of 13.
The only information received directly from a user under the age of 13 is the answers to
the math questions within the BlueStreak Math Platform. We do not ask children under
13 to provide Student Data. We do not intentionally contact or collect Student Data from
children under 13.
What is BlueStreak Education's commitment to data
To reduce the risk of unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and secure the
correct use of information, we use commercially reasonable physical, electronic, and
managerial procedures, which meet or exceed industry standards, to protect the
information we collect. We also use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol on student
information. No security system for data is completely secure. Therefore, BlueStreak
Education cannot promise that Student Data will not be intercepted by others.
We committed to providing the BlueStreak Math Platform in an easy to use, secure and
reliable manner and are a Clever,Inc. a certified partner.
What is BlueStreak Education’s policy for deleting Student
At the termination of the LEA contract with us, all Student Data will be deleted from
BlueStreak Math within 90 days.
Where are BlueStreak Education's servers located?
All servers are located within the United States.
What happens in the event of a Security Breach?
In case of any unauthorized acquisition of computerized data that compromises the
security, confidentiality, or integrity of Student Data maintained by us (“Security
Breach”), we will, within the most expedient time possible and without unreasonable
delay, but no later than 30 calendar days after the determination that a Security Breach
has occurred, notify the LEA of such breach. "Security Breach" does not include the
good faith acquisition of personal information by an employee or agent of a BlueStreak
Education or a school for a legitimate purpose of BlueStreak Math or the school if the
Student Data is not used for a purpose prohibited by applicable law, including, but not
limited to the Illinois Student Online Privacy Protection Act, or subject to further
unauthorized disclosure.
Except for any costs and expenses incurred by the LEA in investigating and remediating
a Security Breach arising solely from BlueStreak Education's breach of any
representation or warranty under this Privacy Policy or BlueStreak Education’s gross
negligence, any and all any costs and expenses incurred by the LEA in investigating
and remediating a Security Breach attributable to BlueStreak Education will be the
LEA’s sole and absolute responsibility and shall indemnify and hold BlueStreak
harmless from the same, including but not limited to costs and expenses arising out of
or related to (1) providing notification to parent of those students whose covered
information was compromised and to regulatory agencies or other entities as required
by law or contract, (2) providing credit monitoring to those students whose covered
information was exposed in a manner during the breach that a reasonable person would
believe that it could impact his or her credit or financial security, (3) legal fees, audit
costs, fines, and any other fees or damages imposed against the school as a result of
the security breach; and (4) providing any other notifications or fulfilling any other
requirements adopted by the IL. State Board of Education or of any other State or
federal laws.
Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”)
Pursuant to the requirements of FERPA: BlueStreak Education acknowledges that in
connection with any contract between BlueStreak Education and an LEA for use of the
BlueStreak Math Platform, that it (i) is acting as a school official with a legitimate educational
interest; (ii) is performing an institutional service or function for which the school would
otherwise use employees; (iii) is under the direct control of the school, with respect to the use
and maintenance of covered information; (iv) is using the covered information only for an
authorized purpose, and (v) and may not re-disclose it to third parties or affiliates, without
permission from the LEA or pursuant to law or a court order.
Third Parties or Subcontractors
Districts are adopting cloud infrastructure instead of on-premise models for security purposes.
Most education software providers also have adopted cloud services to host their products for
districts, as have healthcare providers, financial institutions, and government agencies. While
on-premise systems need to be maintained, updated, configured, and secured individually,
cloud services typically offer key benefits that provide stronger data security management and
Cloud service providers have greater security expertise running servers in the cloud
across thousands of customers over many years.
Cloud service providers are experienced in navigating and managing a broad array of
security requirements, including most stringent security standards, such as HIPAA,
Cloud service providers have a much more substantial investment in both network and
physical security than on-premise systems could typically provide.
BlueStreak Math’s infrastructure runs on Digital Ocean, Aiven and Amazon Web Services
(AWS), which are industry leaders in cloud services and data security. Ernst & Young LLP
performs the AWS System and Organization Controls audit and issues reports that demonstrate
how AWS achieves these key compliance controls and objectives. AWS SOC 2 and other
reports are available on the AWS compliance site. Digital Ocean’s SOC 2 and other reports are
available on the Digital Ocean Trust Certifications site. Aiven’s SOC 2 and other reports are
available on the Aiven Security & Compliance site.
The following is a list of subcontractors to whom student data may be disclosed: Mitchell Meyer,
Erica Brownfield, Hattie King, Jan Letts, James Gilliat, Lopa Shah, Laura LeNoir and Marilyn
Changes to this Privacy Policy
We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any changes will be effective
immediately, unless otherwise noted. If we make any changes to this Policy, we will
change the Last Revised date below.
Privacy Policy last updated: October 11, 2021